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Date of Visit: 2015-08-08 - Name: Aramazd Gagarin, Russia - Escort: Jessica

A great partner for dinner date. She arrived on time, dressed up nicely for occasion and strike conversation quite well. She is quite educated too. She has done post graduation in Physics. The night with her was quite sweet. She likes tender and sweet kisses on her body and prefers anal sex in missionary position. She doesn’t like oral job at all. I tried to push my organ inside her mouth, but she bluntly refused it. Except that, night was really great with her. Aramazd Gagarin, Russia

Date of Visit: - Name: Ian Latham, New Zealand - Escort: Duci

We went for dinner cum bed service. The way she takes off her clothes is really amazing. Her tits are marvelous. I couldn’t stop myself playing with her tits. After that, we had sexual intercourse in Rocking Horse, Splitting Bamboo. It was the first time I had sex in KS position. It was marvelous. Overall, I would like to say that if you are looking for some adventure in bed, she is perfect for you. Ian Latham, New Zealand

Date of Visit: - Name: Ann Su-Ann, China - Escort: Gwen

t was a really lovely time with Marika. I booked her for company as a solo traveler. We went to all famous places in Moscow, dine in a restaurant and had rocking time in bed. We went for whole body, kissing and anal sex in missionary position. She really likes when some fondle or suck her tits. You must book her in case you are travelling solo and looking for a company of beautiful girls. Ann Su-Ann, China

Date of Visit: - Name: jimy - Escort: Benedetta

how are you ? im jamal from dubai ( U A E ).. i saw your advertising and i love to invite you and may be with girl friend her to dubai for 7 -10 daysdays what is your terms ? write me please with your real photos, info, terms i can do all for your trip ( visa if needed, tickets, hotel ).. my mobile/whats up is ( + 971 567 660 213 ) with regards jamal

Date of Visit: - Name: shahab - Escort: Kika

dear I'm in crown plaza and like to meet a nice girl with following services (ORAL, ANAL,..) And I want to be health and you can speaking english. If above condition is Ok, email to manage

Date of Visit: - Name: Ivan - Escort: Ksusha

I wonder if I could be with the girl at 5 pm in my hotel

Date of Visit: - Name: Dora - Escort: Viva

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Date of Visit: - Name: Howdy - Escort: Viva

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Date of Visit: - Name: Howdy - Escort: Viva

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Date of Visit: - Name: Liliam - Escort: Viva

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Date of Visit: - Name: Kourtney - Escort: Viva

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Date of Visit: - Name: Marzio - Escort: Jessica

speaking Italian ? Who of your girls speak Italian I'm in Milan

Date of Visit: - Name: Marzio - Escort: Jessica

speaking Italian ? Who of your girls speak Italian I'm in Milan

Date of Visit: - Name: Marzio - Escort: Jessica

speaking Italian ? Who of your girls speak Italian I'm in Milan

Date of Visit: - Name: A.Ö - Escort: Sveta-young-student

Hi is she available and it is real Fotos?

Date of Visit: - Name: Guy - Escort: Rada

Had a Unique GFE with Rada !\\\\r\\\\nShe reveived me at a top appartement in Milano in a small Piazza with only a few houses. Really beautiful location. We had a 10 to 15 minutes talk with a drink while we got to know each other a bit better. Rada is very caring about her client, sweet as a Cookie and adorable lady with an outstanding body. Will have to come .....cheers darling !