Russian escorts' stories & experiences in Milan

Every time we decided to move to another country or city, we always loved to share with our customers personal stories and experiences that our amazing vip escorts live. Milan is our new home, and we will continue doing this by sharing here private information of our girls and interesting moments of their lives as escorts.

You will also be up to date about services and every time we add a girl we will publish here an introduction in order to let you know her skills, description as a nice welcome to the team. See below a list of the last news related with our services and the available sex escorts in Milan.


A Middle aged man

Most men in 40s look for a woman with whom they can talk about their feelings. Not getting desired love from their wives or girlfriends, these men look for other means to fulfill their emotional needs. Most of them visit an Escort Moscow with whom they can get friendly as well as get physical too. One day, I met a man with similar traits. He was 45 years old and worked as an executive in a big company. I made him a drink as he entered my apartment. When he was comfortable enough, I started the conversation to know more about him. The guy was quite a nice guy to talk with, at least he did not brag about himself like most of the men do. He told me that his wife was just not interested in having sex with him. His personal life was extremely dull. That is why he decided to visit an escort to fulfill his emptiness. I replied with a seductive smile and told him that he has come to the right place. After two to three drinks, he got really frank with me. He started behaving like in home. He talked about his childhood, love of his life, career and many more things. I just listened to him like an obedient girl. It seemed that he had not talk with someone over years and wanted someone to listen to him. Suddenly, he started crying after so much emotional talk. To calm him, I I sat beside him in a chair and kissed him passionately on the lips. A kiss worked like a fire on him. He got into motion and reciprocated with full passion. We kept on our lips locked for some time. Suddenly, his hands moved behind my back and he unzipped my dress. I was in undergarments within 10 minutes of mating. He lay me down gently on sofa and ran his firm hands over my smooth legs quite frequently. Suddenly, he removed my panties and rubbed my clitoris gently. I cried with excitement when he did this. To keep my mouth shut, he fastened his lips on mine. He holds me tight in his one arm while his other hand moved over my pussy area. Suddenly, I got an orgasm. We took a one minute breathing break and started our love making again. This time, he held me tight in his arms while we kept our lips locked. He moved his lips all over my neck while his hands fondled my bosom. I gave him to do full control to play with my body. His lips were moving all over my body. I just loved it when his lips move over my soft stomach, navel and my lovely bosom. Suddenly, he spread my legs apart and inserted his cock deep inside my body. He kept moving his cock in all directions till he ejaculated inside my body. I felt like being in heaven when he did this. After that, we took a two hour nap before moving back to our life. He thanked me a lot before going and promise me to visit again for his cup of love.


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