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Oksana, 24 years old Vip escort in Milan
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Oksana. Escort Milan.

Oksana is a girl that you feel connected from first moment of seeing her. It’s her exotic beauty that keep you mesmerized and her sober nature will seriously take your heart away. She is not chitty chatty, over friendly like girls of her age. Instead, you will find her attentive, sharp listener and when she speaks you know the lady has got brain. The romantic dinner date with her will be truly amazing experience. Apart from that, she is quite good at giving you relaxing service whether it’s an hour or more than that. She relaxes your spirits with glass of champagne, moving to shoulder massage to calm your nerves. Once she sees you relaxed; she will take off her dress or ask you do to do this. She prefers you to play dominant role because it’s your personal time but at the same moment she doesn’t like to be rough. Kissing, fondling bosom and saying cuddly words are her favourites. Just do it and see how she opens herself to you. Call now to book your date.

Contact: +393463001836

  • Age24
  • Weight52
  • Height168
  • Breasts80

Services of Model 

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Incall30 min1 Hour2 Hours3 HoursNight
EUR 180€ 250€ 400€ 600€
Outcall1 Hour2 Hours3 Hours5 HoursNight
EUR 300€ 500€ 700€ 1000€ 1500€

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